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Maximize profits, ensure that your property will continue to look fresh, appeal to guests, receive great reviews and a steady flow of new and returning guests that will rave about your property.

People choose their next Hotel or Bed & Breakfast primarily from pictures, amenities, and reviews online. As a Designer, Stager, and Super Host, combined with my experience as a GM in the High-end Boutique Hotel industry, I know the areas that guests notice and those that get overlooked. We do aesthetic inspections and refresh/update suggestions for your Hotel or Bed & Breakfast to maximize profits and ensure that the property will continue to look fresh, appeal to guests, photograph beautifully and make your property stand out from the competition.




Evaluate your needs, be it a new set of eyes on your property to point out the things that are damaged, worn or outdated to a refresh/restyle plan.


Refresh, Restyle & Redesign

Your bookings depend greatly on amazing photos to attract guests. You may have a Hotel or Bed & Breakfast in an excellent location, but if not properly staged prior to taking and posting pictures, you are losing significant income.


Aesthetic Inspections & Suggestions

It’s in the details, the ones that housekeeping doesn’t notice because their eyes see the property daily.  The “little” things that guests do notice that cause them to not return, recommend or worse, (gasp) leave a bad review.


Staging for Professional Photos

Guestbooks and Signs uniquely designed to match the brand of the property, which include information of local attractions, instructions for appliances, entertainment system and instructions how to leave the property/check out. Bedside Essential Oil Linen Spray

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